The Brawl in the Hall
Conflict: Bucky-Fungo Conflicts
Date: Announced January 11, 2005

Occured January 26, 2005

Place: Outside Apartment 4F
Result: Combatants hugged into submission

Bucky & Allies




Bucky B. Katt

Fungo Squiggly


1 Cat

1 Ferret

1 Cat





The Brawl in the Hall was to be a staged winner-take-all one-on-one cage match between Bucky and Fungo in a plan by Bucky to retrieve his stolen bear and the manuscript for his autobiography while making a prophet and publicly humiliating the ferret. However this was foiled by Rob and Satchel. Tickets would have cost $50.


"Crate Training"Edit

Bucky had announced the fight on January 11, 2005 and began training shortly after. On the 14th, Rob had purchased a "training crate" for Bucky in order it fool him into locking himself in it. Bucky destroyed at least nine lamps in the process of training before entering the crate. After 4 days in the crate, Bucky had claimed he had performed every possible combat maneuver he could do inside it and began screaming anti-Rob insults in an attempt to get out. Then Bucky started to believe that he was in there because of his views on Rob's personal fantasies. On January 22, Bucky was finally released.

Call of the MildEdit

Despite having trained and prepared for the match, Bucky lost his will to fight. Though Rob and Satchel feared that the face-off would be unavoidable.

Fight Day and AftermathEdit

In advance of the brawl, in a desperate attempt at stopping the fighting, Satchel hires Chubby Huggs to be the "referee". and on the 26th, the showdown begins, though before the Bucky and Fungo fight, Chubby halts the combatants by hugging them. Though all is not lost for Bucky, as Satchel was able to peacefully convince Squiggly to return the Manuscript and Smacky in exchange for the sign that Bucky stole.


  • This is one of the few times Bucky didn't lose to Fungo, albiet not being a total victory.

First AppearanceEdit

HallBrawl 1stmo

The announcement of the brawl.

HallBrawl 1st

First appearance of the brawl.