Type: Corporation
Founder: Bucky B. Katt
Current Leader: Bucky B. Katt
Notable Members: Bucky B. Katt

Rob Wilco (Unwillingly)

Satchel Pooch (Unwillingly)

Date of Establishment: Sometime around December 30, 2009
First Appearance: December 30, 2009

Bucko is a company started and lead by Bucky B. Katt. It mainly focuses on tools and household conveniences. Rob and Satchel are used as beta-testers.

Known ProductsEdit

Dr. Bucky's Munk Off! RepellentEdit

A canned "Monkey Repellent" used for spraying on anywhere that's susceptible to "Monkey Funktation", as well as for spraying "undesirables".

Gorilla Grip Jar OpenerEdit

A torn up rubber glove used for the easy opening of sealed jars and other similar products. This was given out for free to the first 400,000 customers who purchased "Munk Off!".

Pen UltimateEdit

A pen, ruler, pliers, hammer, pocket knife, cell phone and possibly other items glued together into "one convenient product" that will "simplify [the] lives" of the customers.


A fork taped to a broken lamp power cord, with the alleged ability to make anything it plugs into electronic. It's "outlet" is a toaster, because "[E]ven babies have the dexterity to plug a fork into a toaster."


A line of products consisting of two items taped or glued together:

  • Fanlet: A fan glued to a wallet with a duct tape harness.
  • A line of freezer-pak lined boxer shorts.
  • A lamp glued to a coffee mug. 
  • Knifelight: a serrated kitchen knife taped to a flashlight.
  • Bifocal Scissors: eyeglasses glued to a pair of scissors.
  • Hangkeys: a keychain attached to a clothes hanger.
  • Blenderphone: a cell phone attached to a blender.
  • A pencil holder made out of a toilet paper roll.
  • An MP3 player and a cassette player held together by rubber bands, also available with a record player.
  • A GPS beacon chip with locating device. (which, according to Rob, is the only product that's actually useful.) 
  • "Calculator Watch": a calculator glued on top of a wrist watch. It's warranty only lasts for it's battery life.


  • As with Monkeywhere? and Wezl War , the fate of this company is unknown.
  • It is unknown weather or not Buckco made any sales due to how dangerous and absurd the products are.
  • It is not stated weather or not the Buckcord or the Hybriproducts are part of Buckco. This article assumes that they are because the storylines are close to each other.

First AppearanceEdit

Buckco 1st

First Appearance of Buckco.