Bucky's Closet is where Bucky lives and spend his time, due to him not wanting to share a room with Satchel. He sleeps in one of the drawers (which is filled with tube socks) in the cabinet in the closet, with him using the other drawers to store his possessions. Rob frequently sends Bucky here when he misbehaves.


One time in 2003, Bucky attemped to film a video tour of his closet for MTV in a TV show called "Bucky's Crib", tough it remains unclear whether or not the show was actually published, but it is likely it is likely that the show was ether rejected by MTV or Rob stopped the production of the show because Bucky was using his camera, or because Bucky made a inappropriate joke when talking about his bed, saying that it's "where all the magic happens" (though he may simply have been referring to sleep). A hole was briefly knocked from here to Satchel's Room by the architect Stank Lloyd Wrong who was hired by Bucky in an attempt to expand his closet into Satchels room. Also, in a story arc starting on February 5, 2011, Fungo Squiggly and his friends (not including Satchel) completely removed the door and filled in the hole. Rob was so impressed by their handiwork that he remarked on hiring them for fixing the kitchen, to which Bucky angrily reminded him, "They're criminals, Rob, not contractors!!!!" On March 17, 2011, Rob eventually fixed and replaced the door.


Bottom Drawer

Where Bucky keeps his food.

Middle Drawer

Where Bucky keeps the corpses of dead animals he found/killed.

Top Drawer

The use of this drawer changes in the strip, though usually it is where bucky sleeps. one time bucky said this is where he keeps some yarn he plays with.

Top of Dresser

This is the main area of the closet, Bucky does most of his activities here. This is also where Bucky keeps his toy bears and one time Bucky said that this is where he sleeps.

Top Shelf

This has been seen in the background multiple times. It is unknown what it is used for.