Bvania emblem
Buckyvania's logo
Type: Dictatorship
Founder: Bucky B. Katt
Current Leader: Bucky B. Katt
Notable Members: Bucky B. Katt

Mac Manc McManx

Date of Establishment: November 10, 2008
Date of Fragmentation: November 29, 2008
Date of Dissolution: December 24, 2008
Date of Reorganization: December 27, 2008 as a "US State"
First Appearance: November 10, 2008

Buckyvania is a "country" consisting of Bucky's Closet and part of the Hallway that Bucky founded when he seceded from America, saying he "no longer recognized this country".


After being frustrated with the "Liberal States of Russia", Bucky decided to "secede" from the country and form the nation of "Buckyvania", appointing himself as dictator. The country was successful until there was a shortage of food and water. After refusing "foreign aid" (because it contained no meat, and as a cat Bucky is an obligate carnivore), Bucky launched "special ops raiding parties" to steal food. He also attempted to redirect pipelines to to Buckyvania to no avail, breaking them in the process. Bucky then decided to ally himself with the US by having Mac Manc McManx run for president in 2012 and appoint Satchel as Head of Homeland Security, but the campaign failed. Bucky eventually rejoined America by claiming it to have been annexed as a state. Rob simply mocked Buckyvania throughout the entire period of its existence, much to Bucky's annoyance. In December of 2008, Bucky opened negotiations with Rob and Satchel to re-intergrate Buckyvania with the U.S. On December 27th, Buckyvaniawas declared a U.S. state after Bucky received assurances from Rob that Canada would not join the U.S.

IMG 4154

Bucky and Mac plot their takeover of the U.S.

Government, laws and customsEdit

Buckyvania is an absolute dictatorship run by Bucky. Bucky claims the laws are for "100% resident satisfaction" (the only "residents" likely being Bucky, Mac Manc McManx, and his stuffed bears.)

Known Laws Edit

  • You cannot pass through Buckyvania until the state "certifies you as clean".



  • The Buckyvania plotline is one of the longest in Get Fuzzy history.
  • In one strip, Rob says that Bucky is 6. (This is an error, as Bucky has been alive for much longer)
  • Buckyvania might be a spoof of either Pennsylvania or Transylvania.

First AppearanceEdit

Bvania 1st

First appearance of Buckyvania