Cativist bucky
Bucky as a Cat-tivist
Type: Political Rights Movement
Notable Members: Bucky B. Katt
First Appearance: February 28, 2000

The Cat-tivists are a group of cat's rights movements. In  February 28, 2000, they had organized a rally.  There are at least 3 Cat-tivist groups: 

  • The Suffracats, who are pushing for the right to vote. Bucky is a member.
  • The Rebels Without The Claws, who want to ban declawing. Rob thinks their name is obvious. 
  • The Legalize Catnip Group, though Satchel noted that catnip is already legal.

In addition, the Cat-tivists are against neutering.


  • Apparently, Bucky joined the Cat-tivists to impress a girl, and because he was jealous that Satchel had joined a dog club. 

First AppearanceEdit

Cativist 1st

The first appearance of the Cat-ivists.