Chubby Huggs
Chubby Huggs.jpg
Born: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Cat
Occupation: None
Hobbies: Hugging/Peacemaking
Current Location: Wilco Apartment
Enemies: None
Friends: Everyone
First Appearance: January 13, 2004 (Mentioned)

January 14, 2004 (Actual Appearence)

Chubby Huggs is a portly, interminably cheerful cat who believes positive reinforcement (mostly through hugging) solves all problems. He is referred to by Rob as the "Dalai Lama of cats" because of his peacemaking abilities. Once Chubby is locked in his hug position, he is unable to move for ten minutes-a fact Rob used against him by tricking Chubby into hugging a teddy bear tightly so Satchel could carry him home. He once had a "little mouse friend" named Fowly Mouse who hated him and was vicious towards him even though Chubby would take them as words of kindness. Bucky later attempted to kill Fowly by giving him a used cage with a mouse-trap buried under sawdust with a "leaky can of Cheez Whiz in it", trying to pass it off as a "dairy themed adventure park", saying the mousetrap was an ab machine. Bucky then got grounded for that. Chubby is one of the few creatures that Fungo Squiggly and Bucky are afraid of (not due to maliciousness, but due to the embarrassment and potential dangerous consequences of his constant hugging), as referenced during the attempted duel in the hallway which Chubby broke up by hugging both of them.

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