Don Liego
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Cat
Occupation: Leader of "The Order of The Salmon Bowl"
Friends: All OOSB Members
First Appearance: September 1, 2012

Don Liego is the leader of a "secret" cat society that his brother Codex is in. He was first mentioned by Satchel, along with Wustard.


Don was born with at least two siblings,: Codex, his brother, and a sister. For most of his life, he followed in his sister's footsteps, wanting to be just like her, that changed when she had two litters of kittens in a singe year, then he decided to move on and join the Order of the Salmon Bowl, in which Codex had previously joined, a choice Don found ironic. He became the Order's "Keeper of the secret" who guarded the "sacred" objects. In the late summer of 2012, he chased the secred "Ball of Eternal Bounciness" into the street and got hit by a bike courier, injuring him, Codex had presumed that the vehicle killed him, despite getting a note from don that read: "I got hit by a bike courier, bring me some treats at the vet's.". His owners have him wear a cone on his head so he doesnt chew on himself because of his injuries.