Douglas Adams, famous author of Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy is commonly refrenced in the strip.

Mentions in TextEdit

When Douglas Adams died, there was a get fuzzy strip featuring many refrences to Douglas Adams, in which Satchel and Bucky are in obvious distress because of Adams' death. The strip reads "so long, and thanks for all the laughs. (a refrence to the book So Long, And Thanks for All th Fish.) 42 (A refrence to The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy) Douglas Noel Adams, 1952- 2001" it then shows Bucky and Sactchel, both holding towels, Bucky is saying "thank god for my towel(a refrence to the character Ford Prefect. Satchel is repeating "Don't Panic."(this is what the hitchiker's guide to the galxy says on it's cover")

Indirect MentionsEdit

There are many places where Adams is refrenced in the strip without direct mention.

The 42 mug- In one strip bucky and Sachel are trying to determine the meaning of life. On the table there is a coffee mug with the number 42 on it. This is a refrence to Hitchikers Guide to The Galxy in which a supercomputer determines that the ultimate awnser to the meaning of Life, The Universe, And Everything, is the number 42.

Many of Rob's shirts have refrences to Douglas Adams.