The Ferret Flap is a pet door connects Rob Wilco's apartment & the
Ferret Flap

Bucky, after first discovering the ferret flap.

Garcia apartment. it is meant specifically to allow Fungo access to Satchel's Room, and is located there.


Bucky was furious when it was installed, but however took advantage of it in one of his schemes to destroy Fungo, he got a string, a digital camcorder, and a pack of bolonga, his plan was to lure Fungo in with the bolonga and then strangle him to death with the string and capture the whole event with the camera and post the video on the internet, the plan backfired when Fungo pulled on the other end of the string (knowing that it was a trap laid by Bucky), knocking bucky's head on the wall and two of his teeth out.