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Buckaji Cult
Type: Cult
Founder: Buckaji
Current Leader: Buckaji
Notable Members: Buckaji, Satchel

Guru Buckaji was an identity that Bucky created for himself.

History Edit

After Satchel scared him with his Halloween costume, Bucky claimed that the shock had caused him to attain inner peace. He started his work by calling himself by the faux-Sanskritic name "Buckaji" and vowed to teach "Indiana Spirituality." Rob joked that he should start at the "Hindi 500". Bucky got Satchel to be his follower, and established a spartan life for him. He was, essentially, a Guru and Drill Sargent at the same time. He even said, "When I say 'Attain inner peace and get a higher conciseness', you say, 'How high, Sir?'"! He eventually gave up and, dissatisfied with people, started a project to launch an "Anti-Social Network".


  • In Devanagari, "Buckaji" would be वहमकोरग.

Quotes Edit

"The Physical Manifestation of Buckaji ate something rotten off the street."

"I help dumb people like You [Satchel] to attain inner peace."

"I have a Catra"

"[Is there life after death?] To be honest, You might want to work on Your life before death before You worry about the afterlife."

"I dub thee moccasin: for thou art soulless."

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