The Inaugural Conference on World Canine Relations
Type: Meeting
Date: January 23, 2002
Place: Satchel's Room
Participants: See list below
First Apperance: January 21, 2002 (Scheduled)

January 24, 2002

The Inaugural Conference on World Canine Relations, also known as Satchel's Dog Conference and less commonly known as the Conference on Global Dog Relations, was a meeting held by Satchel Pooch in his room in 2002. The meeting was held to converse on relations between dogs living in different countries, however, everyone that had attended the meeting lives in the United States (and are only blocks away from each other). Satchel attempted to discuss world events, but do to the fact that they all were from America, it was confusing.

List of AttendantsEdit

Dog Confrence Logo

The logo of conference drawn by Satchel


  • While we see Ira arriving for the conference on January 23rd we don't actually see the conference until the day after. As the events of the conference obviously occurred on the same day, this article assumes it happened on the 23rd.


Conferance 1stmo

First mention of the conference.

Conferance 1st

First actual appearance of the conference.


An attempt to discuss the War in Afganistan