Joke on You Day
Type: Holiday
Participants: Bucky B. Katt

Joke on You Day is a holiday invented by Bucky, where he "attempted to humiliate the buffoon known as Satchel."


In a small storyline that lasted for about two weeks, Bucky attempted to prank Satchel, and failed on each attempt. For his final try, he gave Satchel a prank jar of Peanut Brittle, which Satchel then gave to a friend, Jurgen Döggen, Who, after seeing the note, "From Bucky Katt", became angry and tried hunting down Bucky, with a baseball bat trying to beat him up. Bucky spent the rest of the day trying to avoid him.


  • Joke on You Day was most likely a one-time thing, as it has not been mentioned since it's first storyline.