Type: Corporation
Founder: Bucky B. Katt
Current Leader: Bucky B. Katt

Mac Manc McManx

Notable Members: Bucky B. Katt

Mac Manc McManx

Satchel Pooch

Tuna Flav

Date of Establishment: August 27, 2007
First Appearance: August 27, 2007

Monkeywhere? is an anti-primate clothing line created and led by Bucky Katt, Satchel Pooch, and Mac Manc McManx. It is primarily based against monkeys, lemurs, and other members of the primate family. It is lead in Bucky's closet and is "A Subsidy of Marmasoft".


Monkeywhere? began when Bucky, along with Mac Manc McManx's help, started to order various products from clothing companies, but then changing them and altering them to be sold by them. Satchel helped by modeling for some of the products. Eventually, it became a successful business, despite Rob's low expectations. Satchel would later briefly branch off and create his own, more successful company, Wezl War, which would later be bought by Bucky (using "clever" business techniques), due to him not liking gerbils and weasels coming into the apartment at all hours of the day.

Known EmployeesEdit

  • Chunko = One of Bucky's bodyguards/goons
  • Unknown = One of Bucky's bodyguards/goons
  • Unknown = Judges of Monkeywhere? products

Known ProductsEdit

  • A T-shirt sold to Satchel from Bucky with a monkey head in a ramen soup bowl, stating "Hot Cup of Monkey." It was sold for $20. Was possibly one of the '2 for 3' deals that Satchel stuck out for.
  • A T-shirt with a "No" sign over an angry monkey head.
  • A T-shirt that simply stated, "Criminalize Monkeys."
  • A shirt with a foreign flag stating, "Tommy Pooflinger."
  • A jersey with the note, "He Hate Monkey", and the number 30.
  • A T-shirt stating, "Monkey State."
  • A T-shirt with the state of Virginia, with the phrase, "Virginia is for Lemurs."
  • A T-shirt with a bubble and the phrase, "Von Monkey," inside of it.
  • A T-shirt with a lemur inside a circle, and with the phrase, "Lemurbrau" above it.


  • As with Wezl War and Buckco it is unknown what happened to this company, if anything.