Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Dog, Shar Pei
Current Location: Chéticamp
Friends: Satchel



Known Relatives: Satchel

Satchel's mother is an unnamed Shar Pei and the mother of Satchel and the wife of Copernicus. On their vacation to Canada, Mrs. Pooch was very happy to see her son. She told Rob, Bucky, and Satchel that her husband Copernicus had to go to Feline Acceptance Classes for a week because he bit their neighbors' nice cat. She is cheerful, like Satchel. None of Satchel's seven other brothers and sister have been mentioned. A running gag throughout the strip is that Bucky calls her a Saint Bernard, much to Satchel's anger and annoyance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her family is possibly from the Sichuan Province of China, as Bucky often mentions Sichuan when mocking Satchel's Chinese Heritage (Bucky pronounces it as Szechwan, the Romanization under the out of date Wade-Giles method). Then again, it could be that Sichuan is the only part of China Bucky knows about.
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