Order of the Salmon Bowl
Oosb meeting
Type: Religious Order
Founder: Mr. Puffbum
Current Leader: Don Liego
Notable Members: Don Liego,

Codex, Wustard, Bucky B. Katt, Grizzly

First Appearance: 2012

Order of the Salmon Bowl (OOSB) is a "secret" organization of cats whose purpose is to protect "sacred" objects. Additionally, they plan on global domination.


The order worships at least 3 items that they deem to be the most "powerful" objects in the world (all of which were bought at Costco).

Bowl of Eternal Salmon TreatsEdit

The Bowl of Eternal Salmon Treats is what the order is named after. It is actually just a very large bowl.

Ball of Eternal BouncinessEdit

Don Liego, the order's leader, once chased this ball into the street and was presumed dead by Codex, he actually survived, however.

Bowl of Ever-Clean WaterEdit

This is apparently a water bowl with a built-in filter that you plug into the wall.

Secret ListEdit

This list is kept by Bucky, it's contents are unknown.


The Keeper of the Secret is the guardian of the order's "sacred" objects, while the Keeper of the Keeper of the Secret protects the keeper, Grizzly and Wustard's positions are unknown.