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Say Cheesy
Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publising
Release Date: May 28, 2005
Pages: 127
Collection Type: Collection

Say Cheesy is the fifth Get Fuzzy collection as well as the seventh Get Fuzzy book overall that was released on May 28, 2005. It contains strips from November 10, 2002 to August 31, 2003.

Publisher's Summary Edit

The antics of moody Siamese kitten Bucky Katt and sweetly clueless Labrador-Shar-pei mix Satchel Pooch are scarily familiar to anyone with four-legged 'roommates'." -USA Weekend

Dogs and cats can be cute, cuddly, and faithful companions. They also can be ornery, unpredictable, and hilarious. Get Fuzzy is all about the latter. In this collection, New York Times best-selling author Darby Conley has found uncommon humor and insight in our common, everyday pets.

Get Fuzzy has become one of the premier comics on the funny pages. The Wilco household includes Rob the bachelor, Bucky, the cantankerous cat with an attitude, and Satchel, the loveable-but-clueless dog. If animals really could talk, one would expect them to sound like Bucky and Fuzzy. Often, it's the subtle nuances of the strip-from Bucky's hilarious facial expressions to Satchel's dopey innocence-that pack the biggest laughs.

The strip's dry wit and razor-sharp reality earned it the National Cartoonists Society's prestigious Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 2002. Get Fuzzy captures the non-glamorous essence of being a pet owner in a way people who own and operate dogs and cats are sure to love.

"The most successful cartoon of the new generation. His strip is in over 500 papers and is fast-selling strip in comics history." -On the Media, National Public Radio

Say Cheesy Is New York Times best-selling author Darby Conley's fifth Get Fuzzy Collection.

Storylines Included Edit

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Plot Pg #
Satchel yells at Bucky for insulting his friends. 11-12
Bucky does favors for Satchel after being yelled at. 14
Bucky sends Frodo Cattins to destroy his collar. 16-18
Francis petsits Bucky and Satchel. 20-21
Christmas 2002. 22-26
New Year's 2003. 28
Bucky's New Year's resolution to be honest and state his opinion. 28-29
Rob and his coworkers receive holiday cards from politicians. 34
Bucky steals food from the neighbors and gets grounded. 37-38
Bucky wants things on his Christmas list he didn't get. 38
It is discovered that Satchel has names for everything in the apartment. 40-41
Bucky tries to film a reality show about his "crib". 41; 43-44; 46
Bucky carries around a dead eel. This is partially connected to the 2002 storyline about "Smell E. Fish". 53
Bucky tries to make a stand-up comedy act. 58-59
Bucky builds a huge wall to protect the apartment. 61-62
Rob considered moving. 64-65

Trivia Edit

  • This collection along with Scrum Bums is part of Loserpalooza.
  • This collection introduces the running gag of Bucky's desire to eat monkeys.