The Big Bonk Theory is a false theory made by Bucky to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs and the dinosaur fossils on Earth. He developed the theory, as he and Satchel did not understand how all the dinosaurs could be wiped out by an asteroid, unless they were all in one place. According to Bucky's theory, the place in our solar system that now occupies Earth was actually formerly home to a planet that is completely inhabited by Dinosaurs. However, Earth wandered into the solar system and bonked "Dinoplanet" out of orbit, with Earth soon taking its place. There are still Dinosaurs in the universe, by this reasoning. Also, the reason for there being dinosaur fossils here is that when the planets collided, "residue" (a.k.a. the dinosaurs) were crushed and imprinted onto the Earth, and probably vice versa on the Dino-world (with Satchel stating, "And they're [dinosaurs] also probably trying to figure out why there's little tiny squished people fossils on their planet, presumably."). According to Bucky, " that's why we now have million-year-old Dinosaur bones on our six-thousand-year-old planet" [an obvious Insult to New Earth Creationists.] The theory is an obvious refrence to the "Big Bang Theory", which is thought to have created all reality. Bucky claimed that "A few of the the Dinosaurs...survived the impact. That's how they were able to film 'The Flintstones'."

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