The Dog Is Not a Toy (House Rule #4)
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Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: April 15, 2001
Pages: 128
Collection Type: Standard Collection

The Dog Is Not a Toy (House Rule #4) is the first Get Fuzzy collection and the very first Get Fuzzy Book that was released on April 15, 2001. It contains strips from September 06, 1999 to June 17, 2000.

Publisher's Summary Edit

Get Fuzzy makes the fur fly. This freshly amusing strip is a darling among readers who enjoy pets with an attitude. This wry cartoon features Rob Wilco, a mild-mannered ad guy who's guardian to two rambunctious pets: Bucky, a temperamental cat who carries a boom box and goes on spending sprees, and Satchel, a gentle canine who tries to remain neutral even when he bears the brunt of Bucky's mischief. Together, this unlikely trio hangs out together, watching TV, cooking for friends, and attempting the occasional adventure outside. Anyone who has a pet or even knows one will find this Get Fuzzy collection, The Dog is Not a Toy, an astutely witty take on relationships between the species.

Storylines IncludedEdit

Plot Pg #
Bucky goes on a spending spree with Rob's credit card. 7-8
Rob and Satchel try to take Bucky to the vet. 13-14
Bucky gets the flu; Kellie comes over for dinner. 19-22
Laura visits the apartment; Bucky tries a new "look". 25-26
Bucky Becomes the spokescat for Sparky Tools. 31-32
Rob gets new glasses. 39-40
Rob gets diet food for Bucky and Satchel. 41
Bucky has a date. 40; 43-44
Bucky gets literally scared stiff of a mouse. 49-50
Christmas 1999. 50; 53-54
New Year's 2000. 56
Bucky and Satchel make fun of the commercials Rob wrote. 64
Rob tries to get Bucky to eat veggie loaf. 67-68
Rob goes on a date with Kate and leaves Satchel in charge. 70-73
Bucky wants to get a job. 73-74
Bucky writes a book. 74-76; 125
Bucky joins a Cat-tivist rally. 82-85
Bucky invents "Post-Modern Deconstructionalism" 91-97
Rob goes on a business trip; Francis petsits Bucky and Satchel. 98-103
Bucky goes on another date. 110
Bucky tries to impress is girlfriend by growing his fur out, then tries to remove it when he fails. 110-115
Bucky calls a psychic. 115-119
Satchel tries to join the american purebred club. 124-125; 128
Bucky finds out he's from New Jersey. 128

Trivia Edit

  • This collection along with Fuzzy Logic: Get Fuzzy 2 is part of the first ever Get Fuzzy Treasury; Groovitude.
  • This was the first ever Get Fuzzy book and collection to be released.