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The Trial of Fungo Squiggly was a case on the Judge Judy show. Bucky was suing Fungo for "attacking" him, causing two of his teeth - one of which being his fang - to fall out. Bucky claimed that Fungo had purposely assaulted him. In reality, Bucky was setting a snare trap for him and all Fungo did was pull the rope that Bucky was holding, inadvertantly slamming him into the wall. Fungo relayed the actual story which Judge Judy agreed upon, and lead to Bucky losing the case. After the show, Bucky then noticed Fungo was wearing his missing tooth around his neck the whole time. Just as Bucky was about to attack him, Satchel tackled him when Rob told him to restrain him, inadvertently knocking his fang out again.

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